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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Juegos para el 5 de Mayo y fiestas patrias

Most of these games are classics that have been adapted to fit a Cinco de Mayo theme. Remember, if you choose to play a game that requires teams, and you have an odd number of children, one person will need to go twice. Ask for a volunteer and if one doesn't surface you might want to leave it up to the team to choose who they think will be the fastest.
Benito Juarez Says

How To Play:
Before playing explain to the children that Benito Juarez, a Zapotec Indian, was born and raised in extreme poverty. With hard work, determination, and strong love for his country, Juarez became the president of Mexico and defeated the French, who had occupied the country for five years.

Played similar to Simon Says. The player up is "Benito Juarez". Player will say "Benito Juarez says hop on one foot". The children will hop on one foot. Player will say "Stop". The children are to keep hopping on one foot until player says "Benito Juarez says stop". Repeat for additional activities such as take one baby step forward, step backwards, turn around, sit down. Sometimes Benito Juarez will say "Benito Juarez says" and sometimes he won't. It's a fun game to play with young children.

Learn Spanish Activity

Teach children simple words in Spanish. For example: count to ten, colors, days of the week or month, common food items, etc.:

Buenos Amigos (Good Friends)


How To Play:
Set the timer and have the children write as many kind things as they can think of about their classmate (amigo) on their right. The last child writes about the first child. Suggest that they write kind things about how their amigo acts, thinks, plays, works or looks. Give the paper to the amigo to take home.

Five Strings

Cardboard number "5" with five strings or ribbons attached

How To Play:
Show the children the cardboard "5". Have them close their eyes until you tell them to open them. Hide the "5" with the strings or ribbons attached so only the strings show. Have the children open their eyes, stand up and search for the "5" strings. If they find it they should not say a word but return quickly and quietly to their seats. The first person to sit down wins and may take a turn at hiding the "5".

Mexican Hat Dance

Authentic music from Mexico

How To Play:
Have the children make a giant circle while holding hands. Explain that when you begin the music they should all begin to walk sideways. When the name of a child is called that child leaves the circle, walks to the middle of the circle and dances around the hat until another child's name is called. They may then rejoin their classmates and the dance continues.
Cinco de Mayo Bingo

Make your own "C-I-N-C-O" cards or print our Cinco de Mayo Bingo Cards
Beans, for markers
Mexican Sombrero to hold call cards

How To Play:
Print our Cinco de Mayo Bingo Cards or create your own cards using a Cinco de Mayo/Mexican theme. Cards might include: colors or numbers in Spanish, Mexican food items (peppers, tortilla, etc.), Mexican flag, etc. Another variation to create your own Bingo card: Write the names of all the children on pieces of paper and drop them into a bag. Note: remove the names of any children absent that day.

Create a BINGO card with blank spaces. Across the top it will say "N-A-M-E-S". Have the children go around and have their classmates sign their name to the spaces on the card. When all are done, have them sit down at their tables.

Play NAMES by drawing a name out of the bag. Play regular BINGO or blackout. If the children really like the game, then play "Postage Stamp" any 2x2 square (4 names) on the board, etc.

Cinco de Mayo Pictionary

Mexican Hat
Papers with Cinco de Mayo/Mexican objects written on them

How To Play:
Put papers with Cinco de Mayo/Mexican objects written on them into bag. Divide children into two groups. Flip a coin to see which team goes first. Invite a child from the playing team to approach the chalkboard, draw a slip of paper and read it to themselves. On your mark, the child should then draw the object in hopes that his/her team members will guess the object on their paper. If the team guesses correctly, before time runs out, they score a point. If the playing team does not guess correctly the other team has five seconds to try to come up with the correct answer. If they guess correctly they score a point and it is their turn to play.

This game can be simplified for young players utilizing words such as: sombrero, poncho, donkey, taco. Make more difficult for older players by using short phrases: Mexican War, Mexico, guacamole, etc.
Word Find

Take a Cinco de Mayo/Mexican related word such as: sombrero, guacamole, burritos, festival etc. and find as many little words as possible before the timer runs out.

Example: Festival
Words: vail, fat, fit, fail, file, sail, seal, set, sat, sit, tail...
Example: Guacamole
Words: mole, male, meal, camel, came, come, am, me, mule, cue, game...
Cinco de Mayo Twenty Questions

Teacher starts by choosing a Cinco de Mayo related person, place, or thing. The teacher says, "I'm thinking of something". The children try to guess what it is by asking no more than twenty questions that can be answered "YES", "NO", or I DON'T KNOW". The student who guesses correctly is next up.

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